When you don't have the code to crack a legacy system and pets' lives are in the balance, what do you do? Join Platform.sh Chief Product Officer Ori Pekelman and Winn Jewett, web dev agency Oxbow Labs founder, as they share how Platform.sh gives digital agencies the flexibility to quickly solve complex client challenges with multiple technologies, as they reduce the time spent on DevOps by up to 90 percent.

You'll hear:

  • A quick overview of what’s on the Platform.sh roadmap and recent product updates
  • How Oxbow Labs uses Platform.sh to develop, test, and deploy the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region website and BoardSpot, a solution for nonprofit boards of directors
  • How Platform.sh capabilities to support multiple technologies (Python and PHP) helped Oxbow Labs overcome a legacy database challenge and save the lives of older dogs
  • How Oxbow Labs employs the power of PaaS to quickly onboard contract developers while safeguarding sensitive client data