Want to learn how you can host, build, and manage any Drupal architecture on a single platform?
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1. 30 minute speaking session

Keep your heads in sync!

How many “heads” consume your Drupal content? If it’s more than one, there’s a solution with Platform.sh to make Drupal commander of your fleet to keep everything, everywhere in sync. Join our session where you'll:

  • Gain understanding of the multi-headed reality of headless & decoupled CMSs.
  • Observe the publishing problem, and the need to include mechanisms to sync content.
  • See how Drupal can be made the commander of a fleet of presentation apps, just as easily as a single decoupled frontend.

What the heck is...a decoupled website? 
Read the post.

2. Higher Ed Summit

Tuesday, April 20
Join us at the Higher Ed Summit to hear how Platform.sh helps universities build and manage hundreds of websites across the campus, including case studies from our Higher Ed customers.

3. Visit our booth

Stop by our virtual booth to learn more about Platform.sh, ask us any questions you may have, and to sign up for a live demo (and get FREE snacks sent to you)!

4. Deploy Now for Free

Drupal 7? Drupal 8? Drupal 9? Drupal plus Node.js, Angular, React, or Python? You can host, build, and manage them on a single platform. Deploy on Platform.sh today.

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Headless, but this time live! Decoupled Drupal with Gatsby. Watch the video

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