We are looking forward to attending Drupal Mountain Camp! Want to learn how our Idea-to-Cloud Application Platform can help you build, deploy, and scale your application simply, quickly, and fearlessly with zero DevOps investment?

Here's how you can connect with us at the event:

Visit our booth
Deploy yourself to our booth to grab a beer, meet our team, and see Platform.sh in action.

Attend our session-Introduction to Pragmatic Functional PHP
Saturday, March 9 | 14:00-15:00
Join Branislav, one of our product engineers, as he discusses the basic principles of functional programming, an overview of the contributed libraries of functional primitives, and why serverless computing is one of the great applications for the functional programming paradigm.

Join our workshop- CI made dead simple with Drupal 8, GitLab and Platform.sh
Saturday, March 9 | 16:30-17:30
Learn how to create cheap and easy-to-set-up alternative to expensive CI tools that allow you to build powerful CI pipelines, automate code testing for every single merge request, and have a one-click deployment to the production environment.

Schedule a meeting
Schedule a meeting with our team by filling out the form.