—a Platform-as-a-Service—takes care of your infrastructure, from hosting and DevOps workflow to global deployment and support. With the time you save and capabilities, your teams can build exciting, new features that engage customers and increase your revenue potential. 

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Monday, Oct 14 | 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Whether you’re seeking seed funding, or have gained traction and are figuring out the next move in the market, there’s a lot of thinking ahead to do. Join, Paddle, and Hi Innov for an interactive workshop where you’ll build a “swipe file” of strategies, lessons learned, and opportunities to grow, and transition your SaaS business. Through a series of three sessions, we will discuss the key elements of a SaaS operating model, how to prioritize decisions on where to invest in your business, the best practices in venture finance and mentorship, and how to plan for transitions in your go-to-market approach.

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