We are looking forward to attending APIDays Paris! Want to learn how our Idea-to-Cloud Application Platform can help you focus on building and delivering awesome software, instead of spending time building and managing infrastructure?

Here's how you can connect with us at the event!

Visit our booth
Deploy yourself to our booth to test your flight skills for a chance to win a BB-8 Droid. And while you’re there, meet our team, see Platform.sh in action, and grab some awesome swag.

Join our workshop- Markdown Magic: Make-your-own Microservices
December 11 | 2:50 PM
Build a microservices app to do awesome things with your Markdown files -- service by service and step by step -- with the help of a modern PaaS to let you focus on your code and test it immediately in the real world.

Attend our session- Balancing Your Latency Budget: On the Future Of Applications at the Edge
December 11 | 3:15 PM
Hear our Chief Product Officer, Ori Pekelman, discuss what some of the constraints are on a distributed microservice mesh and what are some of the current solutions. He will also present application level patterns and how they interact with the supporting production infrastructure.

Schedule a meeting
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